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About Fast Pitch 

Fast pitch is closer to baseball and offers a faster action game. The pitch, although still delivered in an underhand delivery, comes much faster. Slow pitch is pitched slower, with a higher arc. Fast pitch is delivered, usually in a windmill type wind-up for more power, and the pitch comes in at a  much smaller arc. Because the pitch comes faster, it is much harder to get a hit. Strike outs are hardly heard of in slow pitch, and much more prevalent in fast pitch. Fast pitch also has many more double plays, as it is hard to hit a good solid hit out of the outfield.

One of the biggest differences between fast and slow is that in fast pitch, you can lead off and steal bases, and  players in fast pitch can score on passed balls. Slow pitch runners must stay on their base until the ball is hit. This makes the game closer in strategy to baseball. In slow pitch, there is absolutely no stealing, and you are not allowed to leave the bag until the ball is hit by the batter, making for a slower game. With stealing allowed in fast pitch, speed is just as important as power.

BGSL hosts fast pitch divisions in both the Spring and Fall Seasons.

Spring Fast Pitch

The Spring season has 10U, 12U, and 14/16U Fast Pitch divisions.

Fall Fast Pitch

Each fall, starting in August and ending in October - BGSL hosts a Fall Fast Pitch league.  This league features age divisions including 8U Coach Pitch, 10U Fast Pitch, 12U Fast Pitch, and 14/16U Fast Pitch.

Teams are selected in early August, with games starting the Saturday before Labor Day.  All games are played on Saturday, with a doubleheader scheduled over 5 weekends for a 10 game schedule.  A single-elimination tournament is held on the sixth Saturday of the season.

Players who already love fast pitch, as well as players who just want to try it out have enjoyed BGSL "Fall Ball" for many years now.  Players are welcome from everywhere, and we always see a great turnout from out friends at Tri-West, Avon, Plainfield, Zionsville and other communities.