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Travel Teams

BGSL is excited to offer a new travel team program beginning in the fall of 2016.   We will begin with a 10u FP team and will build the program over time.

The 10U BGSL Bulldogs will be managed by Ryan Toole. The assistant coaches are Kent Koch, Bobby Chandler and Mike Pierson.

The Bulldogs is made up of girls born in 2006 and 2007 who are dedicated to softball and want to improve their game. 

The 2016/2017 team in no particular order:

Seayona Bradley

Elena Robertson

Addison Matherly

Chloe Chandler

Madelyn Pierson

Layne Hopper

Hailey Vernick

Hannah Vernick

Delaney Watson

Ava Grace Pogue

Avery Toole

Emma Tranter

Katie Koch


For more information specific to the team, including potential team schedule, anticipated costs, or other matters, please contact Ryan Toole at .