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BGSL Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will players need?
Every player will need a softball glove at a minimum. Most players usually have their own helmet and bat as well. Cleats are helpful but not required to play. Slow pitch, coach pitch, and 10U fast pitch uses an 11 inch softball and 12U and 14U fast pitch uses a 12 inch softball. 6U coach pitch uses a safety ball that is softer than the regular softball.

What size Softball Glove should I buy?

Fastpitch Fielding Glove Sizing Chart

Age Infield Outfield
Under 8 9”-11" 9"-11"
9 to 13  10"-11" 11"-11.5"
High school or Adult 11.5"-12.5" 12.5"-13"

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Which Softball Bat should I buy?

A player should be able to swing their bat with a smooth level motion and in control when swinging at full speed. Provided is a national average for bats used at various ages.

  Most Popular Length By Age
Age 5-7 8-9 10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18
Length 24-26" 26-28" 28-29" 30-31" 31-32" 32-33" 32-34"

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